The Story of a Lifetime

Eugene Beardslee loved classic cars, and it shows in the magnificent quality of this select group of motorcars from his estate.

An entrepreneur from Long Island, New York, Gene and his wife Jean built a successful business after his military service. With his business success, Eugene was able to then devote his later years in pursuit of some of the finest classic cars in the world for his personal collection.

This estate collection includes a Pebble Beach blue ribbon Best of Class Winner once owned by the King of Egypt, Hollywood celebrity cars used in an Oscar-winning Best Picture movie, and an assortment of superb original motorcars and meticulously restored classics, with an emphasis on Lincoln and Packard.

When it came to restoration, Gene spared no expense. He teamed up with the legendary Hibernia Restoration specialists in New Jersey to thoroughly redo many cars in this collection. He worked with both the late Bob Turnquist, the owner of Hibernia and one of the nation’s top Packard experts and Glenn Smith, who today operates his own highly successful restoration enterprise. While Gene began collecting vintage automobiles in the 1960s, the majority of the cars in this estate collection were restored in the 1980s and 1990s, though it can be hard to tell. One Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) judge who preview the cars, called one Packard interior restoration as “the finest he’s ever seen”. And the restoration on that car was done nearly 30 years ago! You will see his signature letter “B” on the doors of the cars restored by Hibernia.

When Gene passed away in 2000, the motorcars were carefully protected in climate controlled storage. Over the past year, his daughters and their families began the painstaking process to sort out each car, one by one, both mechanically and cosmetically where necessary. Detailed inventories were taken to identify even the smallest detail that required refreshing or refurbishing. Many fuel tanks have been reconditioned in Canada; carberators and fuel pumps rebuilt, and brake lines recondition. In keeping with their Dad’s high standards of quality, his daughters have invested the time and resources to bring the cars back to top operating condition after a lengthy hibernation.

Today, over half of the collection has been revitalized and those cars are now priced and available for immediate sale in Group 1. In this group, the cars are complete or have only a minor list of outstanding issues that will be addressed soon. The remaining cars are in Group 2 and are available for your inspection as they await refreshening and refurbishment as needed. When complete, the Group 2 cars will be priced and available for sale.

All vehicles have clear State of Maine titles, and the Group 1 vehicles are all currently registered as Antique Automobiles.

To arrange for your private viewing or to answer any questions you have about Eugene Beardslee’s extraordinary collection, please contact Tim at 207.710.6699 or

Thanks and enjoy these marvelous machines!