1930 Pontiac 6-30B Big Six - $8,500

1930 Pontiac 6-30B Big Six - $8,500

1930 Pontiac 6-30B Big Six Coupe For Sale or Trade Fresh barn find. This amazing survivor was recently pulled out of a New England barn where it was last parked in 1949. Only minor repairs were needed to get it up and running--and it drivers marvelously well. Car has a fresh battery, new tires, new roof and the passenger side running board was replaced. Otherwise, the car is breathless in its originality and the patina is striking. Original well worn but serviceable mohair interior seats. Standard wood spoke wheels. Powered by a 200 CID 6 cylinder engine, a General Motors innovation. Alfred Sloan, Chief of GMeneral Motors at the time, knew that to compete with Ford's Model A and Chevrolet's runaway success, they need to offer something different. They came up with the 6 cylinder and it was an instant hit. Production costs were kept low by sharing many parts with Chevrolet. The cars were built in Pontiac, Michigan. This car has its last inspection sticker--a 1949 Maine State Fall Inspection on the windshield. Job No: 31301. Body No.: 11455. The Pontiac Early Times Chapter is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of 1926 to 1954 Pontiacs and shares this story about the 1930 Pontiac Series 6-30B: " The “true” 1930 Pontiac, series 6-30B, began production on December 14th 1929 and was introduced to the public in January of 1930. You may recall that prior to this time; Pontiac was doing 2 model introductions per calendar year. The series 6-29A automobiles were titled as 1930 models despite being only slightly upgraded versions of the series 6-29 Pontiacs of 1929. Pontiac was not alone in the practice of “split” model years, it was deemed beneficial to sales at the time, but it certainly makes it difficult for us today to accurately distinguish Pontiac models from 1926 through 1930. Think of the Pontiac models and model years this way; the January introductions were the “true” Pontiac models for their respective model years. The late summer models were titled for the next model year, but in reality, were more closely related to the models introduced in the previous January. Pontiac offered 7 models for 1930; Coupe, Sport Coupe, Two-door Sedan, Four-door Sedan, Custom Sedan, Sport Roadster and Phaeton. Standard exterior features included 10 spoke Jaxon wheels and rear mounted spare tire, 31 vertical louvers on either side of the hood and a polished chrome cowl band. A half-oval belt molding was used to enhance the styling, beginning just behind the radiator, it extended all the way around the body. The radiator shell was chrome plated, as were the bumpers, door handles and all exterior bright-work. A variety of colors was available, all in Duco paint. The closed bodies, provided by Fisher, all featured “military type” visors, oval rear windows and the Vision/Ventilation windshield, which was sloped for the first time to eliminate glare during night driving. The Big Six Two-door Sedan was the mainstay of the Pontiac line with room for 5 passengers. The enclosed Fisher body utilized crank type regulators on all of the side windows, convenient inside door lock controls, rear floor carpet and a dome light. The top and upper quarters were painted steel. Lovejoy shock absorbers were standard equipment on the chassis and this was true for all of the 1930 Pontiacs." The Pontiac engine was improved for 1930 with stiffening ribs cast into the lower crankcase for increased structural rigidity. Metric thread spark plugs were used for the first time and all 4 engine mounts were fully insulated with rubber to minimize vibration. The displacement and horsepower remained at 200 and 60 respectively. The key operated transmission lock to prevent vehicle theft was replaced by a key locked ignition coil. The starter drive was also improved. The chassis was upgraded with larger brake drums and softer front springs. Lovejoy shock absorbers were standard equipment on all models and the hand brake acted on all four wheels, not just the rear wheels as in previous models. The axle ratio remained at 4.42:1 and the 110 inch wheelbase was also unchanged from 1929. The standard wheels were 10 spoke Jaxon units in naturally finished wood, including the single spare. Steel wire wheels were used on vehicles ordered with side-mount spare tires; (six wheel equipment). The Fisher bodied Pontiacs all featured the VV windshield and vacuum operated windshield wiper; crank type window regulators were fitted to all opening windows, an inside rear view mirror, dome light and inside door lock controls were also standard. Instrument panels in all of the 1930 models included uniformly sized gauges for the first time. Radio and heater units were optionally available on any model; wind wings could be fitted to the open models. Total production for the 6-30B model was 62,888 vehicles. It was also the first model year that a late summer introduction did not occur, the split model year was finished. The 1930 Pontiacs remained in production until autumn and the new 1931 models were introduced in January, but that is another story."

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Odometer 83340
Paint Original Black
Chrome & Trim All original
Tires Allstate Non Skid new tires on original wooden wheel
Upholstery Original unrestored green mohair
Door Panels Mohair
Floor Wooden
Engine 200 CID 6 cylinder
Transmission 3 Speed
Battery New 6 volt

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